Our Church Officers / Auxiliaries / Ministries

ASSOCIATE MINISTERS                                  SUNDAY SCHOOL        
Reverend Calvin West                                                 Deacon Johnell Lewis, (Superintendant) 
Reverend Brandon Byers                                            Sister Michelle Robinson, (Asst. Superintendant)
Reverend Randal Hayes                                             Sister Gloria James, (Superintendent Emeritus) 
Reverend Robert Holland           

BOARD OF DEACONS                                     NURTURING BAPTIST CHURCHES(NBC)
Deacon Eddie Hartsfield, (Chairman)                         Sister Willie Mae Blount, (Directress)
Deacon Willie Black, (Co-Chairman                           Sister Myra Harris,   (New Members Orientation Coordinator)
Deacon Noah Newman                                               Mother Hannah Cody  (Nursing Guild/Senior Pioneer Coordinator)
Deacon James Bailey                                                 Sister Betty Black        (Deaconess Ministry President)
Deacon Levy Lawrence                                              Sister Gladys Parrish   (Missionary Society President)    
Deacon Albert Clemons                                             Sister Willie Mae Blount  (Matron Advisor)
Deacon Burnie Jones                                                 Sister Gracie Kennedy (Youth Department Directress)   
Deacon Johnell Lewis                                                Sister Doris Bailey       (Pastor Aide Board President)
Deacon Walter Parrish                                          Sister Lenora Legree (J.W. Johnson Youth Movement Directress)
Deacon Houston Foster                                             Deacon Eddie Hartsfield (Men Fellowship President)   
Deacon Nathaniel Bevel                                                                              (Evangelistic Ministry Coordinator)
Deacon David Hamilton                                             Sister Patricia Smith (Women Ministry President) 
Deacon Samuel Robinson                                         Sister Dorothy Jones (PBC Mass Choir President)
Deacon Richard Lane                                           Deacon David Hamilton (Male Chorus President)
Deacon Aubrey Bacon                                               Sister Eva Sullivan (Usher Ministry #1 President)
Deacon William Robinson                                          Sister Chellie Mcteer (Usher Ministry # 2 President)  
Deacon Levertis Nealy                                               Sister Gloria James (Youth Ushers Matron) 
                                                                          (Prison Ministry Coordinator)
                                                                          Sister Gracie Kennedy (Education Committee President)  

BOARD OF TRUSTEES                                    New Members Class                        
Deacon Levy Lawrence, (Chairman)                           Sister Shellye Hamilton - Coordinator                       
Deacon David Hamilton                                               
Sister Lenora Legree                                                   Deacon David Hamilton (Men Fellowship President)
Sister Shannoh Hopkins                                              Sister Doris Bailey (Women Ministry President)
                                                                                    Sister Angela Roberts- Asst. Youth Director/Children Church
                                                                                    Sis Tabitha Burton - Asst Youth Director
ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF                                Sister Lena Lyles (Youth Ministry Directress)  
Sister Lenora Legree, (Treasurer)                                
Sister Myra Harris, (Financial Secretary)                                                   
Sister Sandra Y. English, (Church Clerk / Exe. Administrator)                    
Sister Myra Harris, (Church Clerk)                                                                                                                                                                                                    

CHURCH MOTHERS                                        BUS MINISTRY 
Mother Ida Bell Chatfield                                             Deacon Eddie Hartsfield
Mother Louise Hayes                                                  Deacon Nathaniel Bevel
Mother Ruth Wallace                                                   Sister Gloria James
Mother Rosa Lawrence                                               Sister Shannon Hopkins 
                                                                                    Sister Gracie Kennedy
                                                                                    Deacon Houston Foster

MUSICIAN                                                          CUSTODIAL / MAINTENANCE
Brother Brandon Byers                                                Deacon Houston Foster
                                                                                    Deacon Eddie Hartsfield
CHOIR DIRECTOR                                                     Deacon Levy Lawrence
Danny Brinson

 Brother Jermaine Smith                                                

PRISON MINISTRY                                                 SUPPORT STAFF 
Sister Gloria James                                                      Public Resource Coordinator - Sister Geraldine White

Deacon Eddie Hartsfield
Deacon Levy Lawrence